The Ultimate Guide To The Tesla Telephone: Release Date, Specifications, Price - Mobilestown (2023)

The Ultimate Guide To The Tesla Telephone: Release Date, Specifications, Price - Mobilestown (1)

Tesla will publish your phone this year, are you happy with this? After a long time, Elon Musk, co -found and Tesla CEO, decided to bring a new mobile device to smartphones to the world market as soon as possible and take all eyesFor the first Mobile Tesla and Suctaracteristic device, to see the specifications and the start date.

It will be very tight for Tesla to compete with higher brands such as Samsung, Apple and many other brands that govern the smartphone market. After many reports, you will use the name "Tesla Pi" for your first phone. Some leaks are started atInternet compared to the Tesla Model Pi Pi model and are below.

Tesla Model P

We can say that the name of the cell phone is very different and unique. Safe user will ask and everyone has questions like this? This phone can be delivered with a new design and a new operating system with the support of different color types.

Complete Tesla Cell Phone Specifications

Responsibility: However, the specifications mentioned below are not yet based on rumors and leaks that have not yet been published.


Device typeSmartphone
Doble SimE
Yes sizeNinth + na
EYes double, gsm+gsm (hybrid schlitz)
ApprovedNot yet
Expected priceList


Dimensions144,40 x 71,70 x 8,30 mm


Type of fabricCOLOR -DIS -Amoled (colors 1b), 120 Hz, HDR10 and HDR10+, 1800 Nits Update update speed
Size6.73 inches, 1080 x 2448 pixels
Selo do PPI~ 395 ppi in relationship 20.4: 9
Body Relationship After ScreenA foreigner
CharacteristicsHDR10+ Certificate
ShowNo, full screen
Touch screenSim, com Multitouch

Technical platform

Operating System (Operating System)Tesla Os
User Interface (User Interface)Tesla ui
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 855 (5G)
UPCOcta Processor Core
Main detailsNot known
Give the browser tooE


Internal memory512 GB + 16 GB RAM, 1 TB + 16 GB DE RAM
Cardboard slotNO


backup camera50 MP 1: 1.9 (large angle)
50 MP f/2,2 (Ultra ancho)
50 MP (macro) with automatic approach
Video gravel8k@24 fps uhd, 4k@60fps uhd y 1080p soporte
Frontal camera32 MP
Front video recording1080p Support
CharacteristicsDigital zoom, automatic flash, face recognition, tactile approach, HDR10+


QuiteVoLteSim, Dualler Standby
noSim, com hotspot wifi
Gives usb tooUSB-C v3.1
USB propertiesMarch and load
IR blasterE


FM radioNO
Document readerE


TYPENon -removable battery
Size5000 months, lee-po battery
Gives a quick accusationFast Charging Support for 120W

Other information

Digital printing sensorYes on the screen
Unlocked faceE
GPSSim, com GNS Unterstützt GPS (L1/L5), GLONAS (L1/L5A), BEIDIOU (B1I/B1C/B1C/B2A), QZSSSS (L1/L1/L1/L1/L1/L1/L1/L1/L1/L1/L1 /L1/L1/L1
3,5 mmE
SensorsAccelerometer, electronic compass, gyroscope, approximation sensor, ambient light sensor, ultrasonic sensors for sassy air 6 and adhesion press
NFC also givesE
Extras360 cooling technology -Degree -cp

Our Tesla Notes model

The classifications mentioned below are calculated and are based on mobile phone specifications and chefilestown.

General degrees9/10
ease of user9/10
In truth9/10

Summary of telephone resources

The Ultimate Guide To The Tesla Telephone: Release Date, Specifications, Price - Mobilestown (2)

The most important functions of this smartphone are the quality of the screen and its resolution, as well as the update rate support of 120 -Hz. Definitely, it will fall in love with this screen.It offers a powerful battery life with the support of all available nets and bands.

It is a challenge to create a new operating system in a short time, because the new operating system needs it a lot.

As for the processor, they say that after many rumors and leaks, the Tesla model could use its own chipset, designed for Tesla Model PI or Snapdragon's main chip.

Tele Tesla Model Expected Properties

Competition in the cell phone sector clearly defines that it needs something different characteristic or design -chau does not help the brand as its different cell phones from other Android phones you already have on the market. For Tesla, it also has a great opportunity thatYour cell phone distinguishes from other brands.

The following information is completely unofficial and depend on leaks and rumors. Users can expect these properties mentioned in the Tesla Pi model

1. Satellite and internet calls

Tesla has a subsidiary called Starlink, which is a satellite internet service provider.

2. Tesla car control support with better application functionality

The Ultimate Guide To The Tesla Telephone: Release Date, Specifications, Price - Mobilestown (3)

Tesla vehicles can control the Tesla Mobile application at a distance. These features, which is called "smart sum", the car can be called in a place where the driver is interrupted. It can also be used to maneuver the car inside and outadjustment points.

3. Solar load support

If this "pi model" can add the solar load, it will be a new change in the history of smartphones and will be the first mobile device to admit this load method. However, we can expect this new change of Elon Musk. This also becomes aEcological movement towards mobile technology and can save a lot of electricity consumption.

4. USB Type C Freight Support

As we already knew that Tesla is a new company in the smartphone industry, you can create its company's exclusive load port and also for your mobile phones, such as Apple's iPhone, and this can make a difference in the mobile marketand accessories the user needs to buy their charger along with the cell this type of load cable, this also minimizes electronic drainage on earth.

5. Augmented reality (air)

The term "augmented reality" or air, which is used in connection with computer technology, refers to what we perceive with our senses (usually vision) using computer -generated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphs and gpsdatos.

In short, AR provides users more information that combines computer data with what we see in real life. With your phone's camera, you can point to "live" entertainment and receive an overlap of information that I can find, for example, the next coffee or restaurants.

When did Teslas started?

Definitely, I hope I don't get to this, but if there is no other option, I will create an alternative phone

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk)25. November 2022

We'll take the neuralk -tweet musk as proof of it.

What will be the price of the Tesla phone?

The Ultimate Guide To The Tesla Telephone: Release Date, Specifications, Price - Mobilestown (4)

To make it clear, it has not officially launched the market in connection with the price of Tesla phone, but the price of this PI model may be between $ 800 and 1200.

Common questions

Where can you buy the Tesla phone?

If available, you can buy Tesla phones from multiple retailers, including electronic stores such as Best Buy, a mobile company, such as AT&T and Verizon, as well as on -line, but be careful if you get an unknown seller.

Can you present the Tesla PI phone?

Yes, Tesla PI phone can be reserved. This means you can order the phone before the official start and receive the phone as soon as possible. This can be done through the telephone manufacturer or retail trade website that sells the phone. Some manufacturers offer customers to order their phones, also titles or discounts for early orders.

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