The timeline of Dixie's relationships with Griffin and Noah is wild (2023)

Members of popular TikTok collectives Hype House and Sway House continue to mingle. Of course, this led to some drama being involved between the two houses, but a lot of positive friendships and romantic relationships also developed between the two. Former Hype House member Dixie D'Amelio, for example, has dated several members of Sway over the past year. These guys Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck were friends and managed to keep things friendly after dating the same girl. That being said, if you take a closer lookTimeline of Dixie D'Amelio's relationships with Griffin Johnson and Noah BeckThings are looking a little darker than everyone involved is letting on.

D'Amelio and Johnson separated in July 2020 after four months of dating, and she moved on shortly thereafter. continue with Beck. D'Amelio recently confirmed that he is dating Beck, but as of October 2020,The TikTok star already calls it love. In the last episode of his YouTube show.Die Dixie D'Amelio-Show, interviewed Jaden Hossler, who asked her if she "loves" Beck, and she didn't hesitate to say yes.

The most interesting part of all this? Beck and Johnson are (or at leastGuerra) friends, but if there was any kind of disagreement, they managed to hide it well. Here's everything you need to know about D'Amelio's relationship with the two Sway House members, from their start to their split and everything in between.

February 2020: The first TikTok

D'Amelio and Johnson gave fans their first dose of cuteness on Feb. 26 when they lip-synced to Jaden Hossler's song "Comatose" and it hit.realclose. Johnson sang the lyrics into D'Amelio's ears, making her laugh throughout the clip.

March 2020: Johnson can't take his eyes off D'Amelio

On March 3, Johnson hinted that there was something more going on between him and D'Amelio with a flirtatious comment. He duetted on a TikTok video that D'Amelio previously posted, writing, "Watch him as Dixie."

On March 4, things went up on Instagram when Johnson posted aimage now removed with D'Amelio and caption with a heart.just a few days later On March 9, Johnson showed his devotion to D'Amelio when he stood by him after he had his wisdom teeth removed.

April 2020: Johnson shares his cutest moments with fans

On April 1, Johnson and D'Amelio created so many memories together that he had an entire reel at the time.-Girlfriend rumors to share with fans.

May 2020: Johnson and D'Amelio arrive on the small screen together

On May 20, D'Amelio and Johnson appeared together on the YouTube show Brat.general attack. They played love interests, which clearly didn't require much acting on their part.

June 2020: D'Amelio gives a mysterious update on the relationship

Speaking with YouTuber Matty Smokes on June 12, D'Amelio shared what it was like dating a Sway House member. "Is it weird to meet someone in the Sway House when you come out of the Hype House?" asked the youtuber.

"Well, I'm not a part of Hype House anymore, but we're all friends," he said. "I feel like it could bring the two groups together." She may have been shy, but she also didn't turn down Smoke's suggestion to date Johnson.

June 2020: Thomas Petrou confirms their relationship

In the end, it was D'Amelio and Johnson's boyfriend who revealed their relationship. Speaking to the paparazzi in a now-deleted Shade Room TikTok video on June 24, he made it pretty clear where they are. "Yes," he replied firmly when asked by the paparazzi if D'Amelio was dating Johnson.

July 2020: Grixie is gone

Fan excitement over the confirmation of D'Amelio and Johnson's relationship was short-lived. The two broke up in late July, and D'Amelio unfollowed Johnson on Instagram.

Although the couple never revealed what broke them up on July 6,Chase Hudson sued Johnson for fraudin D'Amelio. Yet almost at the same time,them directlyaddressed fraud rumorsin an interview with Jeff Wittek, in which he assured that "there was no cheating."

August 2020: D'Amelio finally opens up about split

On August 2, D'Amelio informed fans that she and Johnson had broken up. "Hey we really broke up but I had this video scheduled for today so I'll post it anyway," she said in a YouTube video titled "My Last Date With Griffin."

Three weeks later, D'Amelio was seen having dinner with Beck on August 22, but vehemently denied they were dating when asked about it by the paparazzi. The paparazzi told the stars that they "make a cute couple," but D'Amelio wasn't fooled by his tricks. "A couple of best friends!" She said.

September 2020: D'Amelio denies dating rumors

In early September, D'Amelio again denied dating Beck. "We're just friends, honestly," he told the paparazzi. "Yeah, I'm making time for myself right now. That's basically it." case.

That same week, Johnson issued a public apology for his treatment of D'Amelio and appeared to admit that there was infidelity in their relationship. "I want to publicly apologize to Dixie for the pain I have caused," he wrote. "I'm human, I'm not proud of some of my choices."

When the paparazzi closed in on Johnson on September 17, he brought the drama back up. When he asked if he had seenD'Amelios "Be Happy" Remix-Musikvideo-TeaserIn the one where he kissed Beck, Johnson said no, but he was "happy for her."

The next day, it was Beck's turn to address the dating rumors. "It's called a music video," he told paparazzi when asked about the kiss on September 18.

D'Amelio's employeereleased their music video for the remix of "Be Happy"the 20 of September. In it, Beck plays her love interest, and scenes of them snuggling on the beach have fans crazed with theories about their real-life romance.

Ironically, Johnson released a self-penned song on the same day that D'Amelio released his remix video.,called "comfortable". The track is about a complicated break up andthe texts pointedit led fans to assume it was D'Amelio and Beck.

In one verse, he sings about the cheating accusations:

I'm not here to apologize *crazy/ But you believed/ Isn't this comfortable?

You can listen to the full song below.

October 2020: fans are wary

Despite their frequent attempts to deny any sort of romance, D'Amelio and Beck fooled no one when fans noticed their phone's wallpaper was a picture of them kissing. The TikTok Room shared now-deleted evidence on October 1.

Two days later, the couple confirmed their relationship. In an interview with AwesomenessTV, Beck revealed that they were indeed a couple and tried to keep their relationship under wraps.

"Dixie is amazing, she's a great girl. It was a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to the future with her," he said.

November 2020: D'Amelio and Beck are strong

Starting in November, D'Amelio and Beck are definitely not sweeping their romance under the rug anymore, and TikTok Nation is delivering it all.

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