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Parents often take care of their children when they are moving, even if they visit only the other father. It can be particularly difficult if you haveExclusive Physical CustodyAnd they are used to the child to spend most of the time with them.

You may be wondering if you have the right to know where your child is during the visit for several reasons.their permission.

Changing Custody X is software that creates professional custody agreements and custody plans.

On the other hand, you may have legitimate reasons not to reveal your child's location. It's hard to communicate calmly with your ex or insecure to know where you live.

Plan that you always know where your child negatively affects your relationship with the other parent.

Do I have the right to know where my son is during the visit?

Yes if you have aCarefulBetween parents should reveal the child's whereabouts during the visit. It is a violation of the agreement when a father refuses to reveal the child's location.

To add this requirement of an existing order, you and your ex can acceptChange your father planOr I could ask the court to change if one parent doesn't want to include it.

EYou have no order for custody, The other parent need not tell him where his child is during his visits. In some cases, you can legally remove the child from the state or country without their permission. That's why it is so important to obtain an order of custody.

To get an order, you needFollow the process of your status to obtain a custody orderOr try oneAlternative method of controversy solutionTo get a custody contract with the other father.

What can I do to find out my son's location?

He can communicate with the other father while his son visits her, but you are not required to tell him where he is unless he has a court order to request it.

Some parents call the police, but this is not recommended. This can lead to a crack in the children's relationship and the child feels insecure, as they could assume something is wrong.

Instead, try to talk to the other parent about why it is important that both know where the child is during their respective visit (for example in an emergency).

Coming directly with the father may not be a practical option, if it has or has to do with an abusive verbal orNarcissistic fatherIf the father is not cooperative, you must go to court.

Should I follow the location of my son?

It can be tempting to chase your child where it is at any time. Smartphones and smart watches are equipped with integrated location functions, and there are apps especially for parents who want to track their children's location.

It is wrong to pursue someone without knowing it. He has to tell his son and the other father beforehand, since he essentially follows his father when they are with the child. If you do not want him to do it, listen and try to commit toto stay in the circuit.

Advantages and disadvantages of your child's location


  • It allows you to ensure that your child is safe and your fear calms down.
  • You do not need to contact the other parent.
  • If you also monitored the child, they can help you feel more connected to you. This can be particularly useful for young children who visit the parents with whom they spend less time.
  • If there is an emergency, you know exactly where your child is in order to reach it or send help.


  • The other father or son (especially when they are aAdolescent) You may have the feeling that you trust you what you can damage your relationship. If the following -up becomes a form of discipline or why a child can deepen distrust, for example.
  • It can increase your fear, especially if the application does not work properly, as it can be obsessed with knowing where your child is all the time.
  • Your child may assume his fears because he may be wondering what dangers are needed to pursue them.
  • It can make your child difficult because it may have the feeling that it is at a time when it has no voice.

What can I do if you don't want to reveal my son's location?

There may be many reasons why you don't mean where you and her son are.

If you are sure you talk to you, try to approach things bourgeois. You don't have to say exactly where you are, just know that the child is safe.

If you are not sure you are communicating, you can ask the court to intervene. It is possible for you to receive your address in front of your ex or protect you from contacting you.

It is possible that the other parent does not represent a threat to you or your child, but your constants or text messages can spend your time on your child. You can try to restore contact restriction on yourParental Schedule.

Do I have something to say when my ex brings my son?

He has no voice where his father puts his son unless he has a court decision that shows something else. If the person is not a risk of security, he should not limit the child to visit the other father.

Report to the court immediately if someone who is close to his son is a threat to his son's wellEmergency orderto protect your child. Employment in contact with the police if you suspect this criminal behavior.

How can I plan to know where my son is in advance?

It is important that you have aVisiting timesSuitable for parents and the child.Popular hours in your stateThrough inspiration.

Also make sure you have the right to know where your child is during the visit, terms related to your parents' plan. You can use these details with an application for parents withob.easy to addCase X Exchange Box..

Negotiate a father plan with the other fatherIt is your best opportunity to obtain these conditions. If you cannot reach an agreement, you can present the courtProposed creation planThis includes the provisions you want to see.

In any case, the judge finally decides which part of the final order of custody will be. When the judge approved his plan, he depends on whether the conditions are the best interest of the child.

Take into account the following provisions if you create or change your father plan.


Add a language that says every parent is responsible for staying up to date, where the child is during his visit.

RealizeHow parents can contact each otheryHow the father can contact the child during visitsThis may include communication methods (telephone calls, text messages, eilas e) and moments when contact is allowed.

If you do not want to get along or document your conversations, consider restricting parents' communication to parents to aOnline -Messaging -Software.Et can print these conversations and use them if necessary.


One exchange is when a father takes his son from the other father or leaves him. Add specific rules for exchanging how he will do what a father is late, the effectiveness of his programming.

With the change in custody x couldMonitor you when the other parent picks up the child late or allows you to fall.He can print a report that shows how educational time can be used as proof if you have to go to court.

In addition to the other child's father, he does not need to allow someone to take your child. Spend on your plan when someone can catch your child, besides parents to visit me.

Also, considersupervised exchangeIf there are security problems or parents probably when they see each other. This would require a neutral third in stock exchanges or parents to meet in a public place and change the child there.

Survived visits

If you are not sure that the child is alone with a fatherSurvived visitsThis is necessary. This could prevent the other parent from bringing the child somewhere without their permission. If the court agrees, one third will be monitored all visits or visits to a supervised visit center.

New relationships

A big point of discussion is the role of parents' new couples in the child's life. In your educational plan, you say if there is someone who is not allowed to see if other important people can spend the night, rules for others live for othersHouse people, etc.

Consider specifying a minimum time when the partner must be with the father before the child is introduced and the father needs to meet his partner in front of the child.

The other father could hesitate to accept this term for concern, he will try to enter his personal life. If this is his intention, he does it wrong. These dispositions must protect the child and should be advantageous for both parents.

Contact information

If there are no safety risks, parents should have home addresses and EIL and phone numbers. This can help parents stay up to date in an emergency and share important information.

It is also possible that you want contact information from relatives, parents of your child's friends, school school, etc.


It is a good idea that every father demandsPlan your child's activitiesTo ensure that there is no overlap with this time planned for one of the parents and shows where the child is specific.

Travel and vacation

Set limits where parents can take the child with them to avoid unauthorized long -range trips from the other parent.

If he has a custody order and the other father takes his son without permission, this can be taken into considerationParental kidnapping.

How can the custody of changing my situation help?

ANDCustody Application x ChangeIt has many properties you can use to determine how you can handle all things that can deal with the knowledge your child is on visits.

  • Create a detailed father planThis explains how the revelation of the child's location is managed in hermetic legal language.
  • Message to the other parentAsk the child's whereabouts.
  • Calculate the time calculation of your visit togetherIn the case of intervention in time.
  • Print documents containing real time reports and messages if you need to go to court.
  • Keep a custody diaryObserve all the difficulties with the other parent or keep notes related to the location monitoring software you used.

Changing custody X makes it easy to deal with all parts of mobile custody.

Changing Custody X is software that creates professional custody agreements and custody plans.

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