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What is a non -specific father?

The terminology of custody for children can be confusing. But the basic principles of what it means to be a "father in custody" and what "legal custody" means that they help them understand the different rights and responsibilities of each father.

In a case of divorce or custody for children, the court stipulates their heads and takes care of daily physical and emotional needs.

Therefore, the non -protective "father" has the child in less than 50 % of cases. A "non -protective father" is not something negative and does not mean that the father is not available. It is important to know that a non -visual fathercan support the same participation in the responsibilities of paternity. The judicial decision describes the rights and describes andResponsibilitiesNot the custody of parents and the rights and responsibilities of the Father in custody.

Different types of custody

The determination of the child's main residence is not the only way for a father to have custody. Parents have two types of custody when it comes to their children: physically and legally.

  • Physical custody:The child can live physically with parents.
  • Legal case:Parents have an opinion in the child's life, including decision: education, health and religious instruction.

In ordinary conversations, when someone says that parents have "custody", it refers to the custody of Skasonic or with which the child lives as the main residence. Only the custody of custody with them. Therefore, both parents generallyThey retain self -confounding custody.

A non -specific father is the father who does not have primary physical custody. The fact that parents do not have physical custody does not mean that they do not have legal custody. This father usually hasVisit rightsFor example, when parents live too far to share skular custody, parents with whom the child will not make decisions for the child together.

What rights does a father have storage?

A father who does not have his son who lives with them is still two important rights, legal custody and a visit.

Legal case

Unless the request that does not protect the parents, this father can still express his opinion on the training of the child. In other words, the non -specific father of Customer retains a certain authority of decision making.

When parents are married or educate a child under the same roof, they usually make decisions for parents together. However, if a father has physical custody, the client's non -specific father can still have information such as:

  • When the child needs a tutor
  • If the child attends a special school
  • These religious beliefs will be transmitted to the child
  • If the child must obtain certain health services.

While the father generally gives questions in custody when things happen every day, both parents must work together to make decisions that significantly influence the child. This means that the father must communicate in custody with non -specific parents for the client throughof health and education. The two can and must identify responsibilities that contribute to routine and consistency to the child. If parents do not agree with a significant problem, they must ask the court to decide the problem.

If it does not allow in custody that the father does not participate in decisions with legal custody, the father has no right to request the request of the court order that grants the rights of legal custody. For example, if the father regularly decides if the medicine mustReceiving the child and the non -protective father can stop his father. To ensure that the other father has information about health, notes and activities. The father in custody is in the best position to facilitate a relationship between the child and thefather.


The other great right that a non -protective father has the right to see his son during the visit. Sometimes the visit is called the "parents' time." The visit is the right to spend time and communicate with the child to put inorder.

A common example is that the non -protective father has visits to one or two weekend posts per month along with certain vacations. However, the visit can also be more or for longer periods.

The visiting plan is ordered by the court. This ensures that the father does not come true. Only the Court of Justice may change or restrict the visit rights of a non -protective father.

Unless the father does not have custody, he must prevent it from being legally prevented from being in contact with his son, he must maintain contact and have the opportunity to visit. This means that the father is available for the child in custody, for example,With the days of the agreement. If the father, who has been custody, refuses to honor the order of the court, the father has no right to request the court to request the order.

Remember that the visit has nothing to do with the child benefit. I even even has paid any maintenance, the visit cannot be restricted. The right to visit is still there.

What legal responsibility does the father have?

Each father is legally responsible for keeping their child. For a non -protective father, this support is generally provided in support for children or other types of financial support. For example, financial support.

If a child does not visit his father for the administrators, this father has all the typical tasks that accompany the care of a child. I have the child to sleep and sleep and have food on the table, good examples of these general tasks.

What are the responsibilities and rights of parents in custody?

Every time a father has his son physically, they are responsible for:

  • Food, clothing and protection provision
  • Make sure the child participates in medical and school consultations
  • Make sure the child has adequate daily hygiene
  • Facilitation of the judicial decision
  • Provision of transport to the child's activities and
  • Everything else, as ordered by the Court.

In addition, the father is usually the responsibility of not informing the father if he intends to move. This is important because this can affect the visit, the child's school and where the child receives medical attention. The father to custody may have to askthe change in the Court's decision before moving. The non -protective father can dispute the movement of a father in custody.

Remember that all parents can obtain changes in judicial decision making. Therefore, the father has the right to take the non -protective father to court to change the visit plan or even maintenance.

Regardless of whether he has the father of custody or not custody, he has tasks for his child. It does not matter what the dish is called, happier and healthier, he will be the child.

Regardless of whether you are a non-custodian father or father, we can apply your rights. To obtain free advice, communicate with Wolfe & Stec to the number 630-305-0222.


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