The 5 Stages of a Relationship Every Couple Goes Through (And How to Survive Them) (2023)

You've probably been in love at least once in your life.

As you get older, you realize that falling in love is actually the easy part. It's a relationship that can be quite challenging.

Relationships are not always easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work to create them.

But that's how love grows and stays. So how do you make sure you start your romantic relationships off on the right foot?

While every relationship is unique in its own way, there are typically five stages that every couple goes through.

It doesn't matter how you met or what your relationship goals are.

You will go through each of these phases.

And how you deal with it will determine the shape or end of your relationship.

Understanding these stages as they occur can help you better navigate your path to a lasting, loving relationship.

The 5 stages of a relationship

1st phase of attraction and romance
2. Crisis phase
3. Work phase
4. Commitment Phase
5th level true love/happiness

Each step is a challenge in itself. In fact, the first two stages are often the hardest for any couple.

Let's dive into the 5 phases of a relationship, what they are like and how to deal with them (these differ from4 essentials of love).

1) The stage of attraction and romance

That's what movies are made of.

In the first phase of a relationship you are in complete euphoria.

You fall in love and nothing can go wrong. Everything is perfect, from the first kiss to that electricity you feel around him. You can't go wrong and you'll never find a single fault with them.

In fact, you spend your day thinking about that person constantly. And in a way, you're really high.

strong levels ofdopamine, norepinephrineit's includedoxytocinthey are released in your brain when you feel attracted to someone. These chemicals make you dizzy and euphoric.

your lack of appetite? What about insomnia? All the side effects of that little chemical high. This feeling can last from a few months to 2 years.

Better enjoy this phase while you can because the next phases will hit.

The good thing about being in this first phase

The good thing about this phase is that it is exciting. There's nothing more exciting than meeting someone and finding out everything about them. You will see each other in the best light. You should try to remember that. Remember the little things that made you fall in love with her in the first place.

Things to consider in the first stage

All those big emotions can make you throw caution overboard. And we can't blame him. But as much as you enjoy the moment, it's also important to tryDo not take things so seriouslysure you couldStart thinking about marriageand kids on the sixth date, but that doesn't mean that person is the "right person". Remember, most of the time, it's your brain chemicals that do the talking. We are not saying that you must be completely closed off,but a little logicand reasoning can keep reality in check and avoid a possible headache later on.

It is also typical to want to do your best at this stage. So much so that you might find that you're not being true to who you are. Don't pretend you like pineapple on pizza just to please yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you're not so someone will like you. If this is the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, she must love you for who you really are.

2) The crisis phase

As we mentioned before, couples have a hard time going through the first two stages of a relationship. This is due to the contrast between the Attraction Stage and the Crisis Stage.

In the first months of the relationship, everything seems to be going very well. However,the dopamine in your system eventually goes out, and you start to see things more clearly. Your love glasses are off. They are starting to get used to each other and things are getting very real. You found the toilet seat lifted too many times or you said something inappropriate to your friends. The crisis phase is where your first arguments andrelationship anxietyto bite.

Most couples go through this phase and unfortunately end up breaking up. All of a sudden the other person is very annoying or is aone sided relationship. And one of you may be afraid. Are you really compatible? In the crisis phase, your skills as a couple are put to the test. Suddenly, you struggle for power and seek harmony at the same time.

The good thing about being in the crisis phase

It may seem harsh, but if they survive, whatever happens during this stage will only make them stronger as a couple. It can also be a relief to finally show your partner the less glamorous parts of you. Your emotional connection also develops during this phase. You'll see how others respond to challenges and learn to communicate better.

What you should consider in the crisis phase

This is the perfect time to internalize. How do you react to the situation? And can you respond well to your partner's reaction? Things don't always go smoothly, but if you both have the communication tools to get out of this situation unscathed, your relationship is built to last. And if you're not willing to compromise or accept your partner's flaws, this could be the end of it for you.

There's no shame in walking away. In fact, you're doing both of you a favor by giving yourself the opportunity to find the right partners for you.

3) The work phase

So you've overcome the crisis phase.


You came out of the sewers and are now in perfect harmony. You've developed a routine as a couple. One cooks and the other washes the dishes. All is quiet and you are in love with that person in the way that matters.

The good part of the work phase

You completely accept yourself. And instead of trying to change her, he overcomes her flaws. This stage is like a good long journey with no bumps in the way. But be warned, this happy family life could be your undoing.

4) Commitment phase

They choose to be together.

Even when push comes to shove.

Even if it is sometimes difficult.

You realize that your partner is a completely different person with their own flaws, dreams, goals, wants and needs.

But you choose them anyway.

That's what the engagement phase is all about. Is aboutmake a conscious decision that this person is right for you. You might think that the work phase was good, but the attachment phase is where you really feel for that person.

Typically, couples take big steps to commit to each other: moving out, getting married, or having kids.

5) The stage of true love

That is all. That was it.

All the sweat, hard work, blood and tears left you here. After all, you are a team. Your relationship is no longer the center of your world. Instead, you step out of your relationship and create something beautiful.

In the true love phase, couples work together toward an ultimate goal or project.

It could be something creative that means a lot to both of you or something practical like your dream home. But for many couples, it's about starting a family. And while there are constant challenges to test you, you have everything you need to complete them. You learned from your past mistakes. You fondly remember the good times and realize that it was all worth it after all the bad times.

Conclusion: take

Relationships are a journey.. But so is everything in life.

True love is not something that is just given to you. And that's exactly what these five phases prove.

It's important to know what stage you're in to know how to overcome it. If they're in a loop and constantly arguing about the same things, they're probably still in a loop.crisis stage.

Focus on better communication. If you feel like you're stuck where everything seems fine, but you can't move anywhere, you're probably in the right phase. Discover your next goals as a couple.

Ultimately, the key to progress is being aware of where your partner is.

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