The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (2023)

Computers were once huge, all-encompassing devices used only by the most respected scientists and researchers. Of course, computers are everywhere these days, even in our pockets (if we look at their smartphones)! But what are the most expensive computers and why are they so expensive?

The most expensive computer of all time is the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE). This computer system was completed in 1963 and cost approximately $8 billion. SAGE was so large that it occupied more than 20,000 square feet and was housed in a four-story building.

Whether you're looking for a high-end desktop computer or curious about which computers are the most expensive, this ranking ranks it among the most expensive computers ever made.

Here are the 10 most expensive computers of all time:

10. Advent X (64 Núcleos) – US$ 11.967

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (1)

The Aventum X is more expensive than the mid-tower PC. The price is $11,967! But for this price you will enjoy the upgraded 64-core processor (AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5995WX).

This 64-core processor makes almost any computing task easy by running your program at up to 5.2 GHz. Most desktop PCs have a top speed of 3.5 GHz. Of course, processing power isn't the only thing that matters. You will love the Aventum X.

For example, this computer has a potential storage space of 64TB (compared to an average of 1TB). It's also liquid-cooled, so you'll never experience loud fan noise, even when performing complex tasks.

Of course, adding one of themost expensive computer keyboardsit can make this desktop PC even more valuable.

Why is very expensive?

Quality components are the main reason why this computer is so expensive.

With massive storage of up to 64TB and lightning-fast processing speeds, everything about this desktop PC is packed with performance. But this level of performance comes at a high price.

9. 8er Polaris MK2 Package – $17,850

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (2)

Ian Parry, better known as 8Pack, is an overclocker and bodybuilder known for designing some of the most technically complex high-performance computers around.Polaris MK2is not an exception. It features two liquid-cooled NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics cards and 64GB of 5200MHz memory.

Capable of running multiple high-end PC monitors, this tower is ideal for gamers looking to take their gaming experience to the next level. You can run even the most complex and graphically demanding games on this computer while enjoying flawless performance and processing.

The only potential drawback might be the $17,850 price tag. Still, you'll quickly discover that this price is comparatively low for an 8-pack build.

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Why is very expensive?

This 8pack PC is expensive due to its components, customization options, and builder.

After all, 8Pack is a record overclocker and only makes a handful of gaming PCs for interested buyers. Getting your hands on an 8Pack computer is a big deal.

But the Polaris MK2 isn't the most powerful (or most expensive) gaming PC ever built by the notorious overclocker.

8. Supernova MK2 8-Pack – $26,000

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (3)

If the Polaris MK2 is impressive, it's thePack of 8 Supernova MK2It's a spectacular tour de force. This massive, water-cooled, dual-tower gaming PC can play graphically demanding games in stunning 4K resolution without breaking a sweat.

Because the Supernova MK2 has:

  • 256 GB DDR4 memory
  • Two GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
  • Up to 36TB of storage

For comparison, the average gaming desktop PC has a maximum storage space of 1TB and around 16GB of memory.

Although this customizable gaming PC costs $26,000, every dollar spent goes towards the best gaming experience.

Why is very expensive?

There are many reasons why the Supernova MK2 is priced so high.

First, it has two towers, which is necessary given the incredible number of top-tier components in the computer. If you were to buy a gaming PC at a chain tech store, you'd probably never find a computer with such impressive graphics and processing power.

Second, this computer was built by one of the most respected overclockers in the world, 8Pack (Ian Parry). Anything built by this guy sells for sky-high prices due to his fame and skill.

7. OrionX2 im 8er-Pack – US$35,700

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (4)

As we've discovered, 8Pack makes some of the most expensive (and powerful) desktop PCs in the world. But the most expensive of the bunch iso Orion X2 im 8er-Pack, a gaming computer that has a lot going for it.

This gaming PC combines the specs and capabilities of two or three computers into a single system, resulting in unmatched processing power and high-quality graphics that can bring any video game to life.

Of course, at $35,700 (originally £29,999.99), you probably need to be a professional esports player or game streamer to get your money's worth from this PC. However, given the dual Intel processors and trio of NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics cards, it's almost impossible to find a better pre-built system to take your gaming to the next level.

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The only way to make this gaming PC even more awesome would be to add one of theThe most expensive gaming miceMix.

Why is very expensive?

This water-cooled tower PC might just be the world's most powerful pre-built gaming computer. Comprised of the best and most expensive components, it's also designed by 8Pack (Ian Parry), a record-breaking overclocker with a knack for building PCs.

Given these qualities, it's no surprise that the OrionX2 is such an expensive computer.

6. Edge XTI EXTIDL-6234DR8 – $40,800 US

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (5)

oEdge XTI EXTIDL-6234DR8It is one of the most powerful deep learning computing workstations with multiple Intel CPUs (processors), dual 24GB NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 graphics cards, and a 1TB (technically 1024GB) solid state drive.

But this computer also has multiple drive expansion bays and ports, so you can expand the storage space and capabilities of this computer almost infinitely. Of course, this kind of processing power and customization comes at a price. If you want to make this tower workstation your own, you'll have to shell out $40,800.

Why is very expensive?

This tower PC is not an occasional computer. Rather, it was explicitly designed for deep learning applications. Deep learning is a type of machine learning, an essential process for AI development.

Deep learning computers process massive amounts of data and require high-end processors and competitively sized hard drives. Because deep learning and machine learning processes are so complex, only the most powerful computers (like Edge XTI) are up to the challenge.

In short, this computer is expensive due to its high-end components and special features.

5. Apple Lisa Computer – $94,949

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (6)

The Apple Lisa was Apple's first affordable consumer computer. Where earlier user-friendly computers required users to work through a series of typed commands, the Apple Lisa had icons that users could select with a computer mouse.

Unfortunately, many Apple Lisa computers released in 1983 are now extinct due to age and use. but the onesold for $94,949As of 2021 it was still operational. It once belonged to Roger Wagner (a software designer who used to work for Apple)!

It is also a rare version of the Apple Lisa in that it has two floppy drives (known as the Twiggy configuration) on the right side of the device, next to the screen. Although this former Apple PC wasn't one of the brand's most popular releases, it's still an iconic part of Apple's legacy.

Why is very expensive?

Few Apple Lisa computers survived into the 2020s, and it's not hard to see why.

Only about 10,000 of these PCs were sold in the early 1980s. Over time, as newer devices were released, many Apple Lisa owners likely threw their computers away, as recycling programs Electronic products did not become popular until much later.

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Finding a working Apple Lisa is nearly impossible. This one stuck mainly because it was owned by an Apple software designer, Roger Wagner. The rarity of this Apple computer, coupled with its historical significance, makes it a valuable find.

4. Prototipo original de "Apple Computer A" de Steve Jobs - $677,196

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (7)

Through most of the 1990s, Apple computers remained much less popular than their Windows counterparts. But everything changed when Steve Jobs released the first iPod and iPhone models. Since then, Apple has become the main competitor to Windows-based devices, even though its devices are often more expensive than those running Windows operating systems.

Still, the history of Apple PCs and user-friendly devices dates back to the 1990s. In fact, Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak were prototyping computers in the mid-1970s!

One of them, the "Apple Computer A" prototype,sold for $677,196when it was auctioned in 2022.

Why is very expensive?

Although this prototype is just a crude piece of motherboard, it is worth a small fortune thanks to its historical significance. Without creating this prototype, Jobs and Wozniak may never have created Apple's first easy-to-use personal computers.

3. Apollo Guidance Computer – $746,000

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (8)

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the lunar surface in 1969, it was a moment that changed human history. But without the help of a powerful on-board computer like this, this feat would not have been possible.Apolo Leitrechner.

This multi-module digital computer helped astronauts and mission control guide the Apollo spacecraft through space to the lunar surface. While this type of computer wasn't exactly appealing to the average computer user today (it used a calculator-like interface and display), it was an integral part of NASA's ability to get people to the moon and back.

The Apollo Guidance Computer sold at Sotheby's auction in 2021 fetching $746,000 from the last bidder. Originally, the estimated maximum retail price was $300,000, meaning it sold for more than double its estimated value.

Why is very expensive?

This computer is historically significant in many ways.

It was one of the first compact computers ever made, and unlike other computers available at the time, it was smaller than a side-by-side refrigerator. He also helped NASA astronauts complete their mission to the moon!

It is, therefore, a museum piece that will become a technological treasure over the decades.

2. Apple Computer 1 – $905,000

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (9)

When you think of computers, you probably think of a computer tower, monitor, and keyboard. But essentially all computers are essentially just motherboards with connectors.

it certainly isapple computer 1, also called the Apple 1 motherboard. This green piece of fiberglass is possibly the first Apple computer ever designed and served as the prototype that became the official Apple 1.

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Although it's essentially just an exposed part of the motherboard, it does have connection ports that allow users to connect a keyboard and monitor. This high-end (avant-garde for the time) sold for $905,000 at a Bonhams auction in 2014, making it the most expensive Apple computer in the world.

Surprisingly, this classic desktop is more valuable than many othersthe most expensive laptops!

Why is very expensive?

Apple is one of the most successful and profitable technology companies in the world, in large part due to its easy-to-use computers. While the first Windows PC was released in 1985, Apple launched its iconic Apple 1 in 1976.

So this prototype motherboard is a piece of history. This historical importance makes it irreplaceable and exceptionally valuable, hence its auction price of nearly $1 million.

1. Semi-Automated Land Environment System - $8 billion

The 10 most expensive computers of all time | The most expensive (10)

The most expensive computer is the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment System (SAGE).. This computer system (consisting of 56 AN/FSQ-7 computers) covered over 20,000 square feet and costabout $8 billioncreate. However, some estimates put the final cost at around $12 billion.

Although no longer in service, after being decommissioned in 1984, the SAGE computer helped the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) monitor North American airspace for more than two decades (from of 1963). This system was crucial during the Cold War, which officially ended in 1991.

Unlike modern computers, SAGE was huge. It required a lot of space to operate and was housed in a four-story building.

It also had multiple surveillance sites in the United States and Canada, allowing NORAD personnel to "get the big picture" of the skies over North America and track potential airborne threats (such as missiles) within an incredible radius.

Why is very expensive?

This computer (or rather the computer system) is the most expensive in the world because it was equipped with the latest technology, consisted of more than 50 AN/FSQ-7 computers, and helped NORAD monitor the airspace over North America during the cold War.

If this computer system were to fail, the US military would not be able to alert the American people to incoming missile attacks and would not be able to proactively respond to stop those attacks. In short, this system was a crucial line of defense that had to be flawless in every way, and that kind of technological sophistication doesn't come cheap.

What is the most expensive computer of all time?

The most expensive computer in the world is the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment System (SAGE). Technically made up of 56 computers, this massive system was built to help the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) monitor US and Canadian airspace.

Construction of SAGE took several years and was completed in 1963. The total cost to build the SAGE system is estimated at $8 billion, although the actual cost could be as high as $12 billion.

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