Tesla PI telephone padlet available in Canada 2023 (2023)

Yes, Elon Musk will publish a new Tesla cell phone in the future and also plan to start many smart devices, including this Mobile Tesla.Elon called these intelligent devices like Starlink, Neurolink and finally Tesla Mobile.

Star Link is the satellite chain. Musk's dream consisted of giving everyone and everywhere. So 42,000 satellites were remembered.

If these are over 40,000 satellites in space, everyone has the internet, no network problems in the forest area, in the mountain spaces, in the villages. In all places and every time the internet is the vision of Elons.

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How to connect the phone to Tesla:

The Tesla iPhone has a solar load because the Tesla phone has a certain connection to the satellite internet.

This is the unique quality to compare the iPhone, Tesla has a high level of specification.

Everyone is fascinated by iPhone because it has a single camera quality, faster processes and better power and a better insured device.

Tesla phone has a unique neurolink:

Neuro Link -Technologie.

Neuro Link is a small chip united in the human brain. These accessories have been connected to brain cells. Special Vantages on the neuro link chip, you don't want to use your fingers, it's speech recognition, your brain controls your cell phone directly checking the phonecell phone.

Feel, for example, hungry, your neuro Link chip sent the message to your smartphone. Then ask for your food on your location. Symphyly your cell phone you can understand your feelings.

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This 24 -hour -Foloup chip is seen and controlled on your brain. You are saved on Google Cloud. You can talk that you can forget your previous memories, you will remove these unwanted memories. Everything is connected, nothing is separated.

But many people don't like this system, because every time a smartphone is used, if they are both, they are thin who come out with an important person, avoid the smartphone. But this new camp is in your brain 24 hours.uncomfortable.

Tesla contra o iPhone:

The main motto for Elon buys Twitter because people have no freedom of expression on Twitter.Trump has many problems on Twitter, so Twitter Trump has blocked, but Elon tries to unlock Trump and gives him full freedom of expression for everyone.

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Apple is the most important Twitter consultant last year. They stopped on Twitter, named Twitter owners.

Details about the Tesla Model Pelip phone order in the USA.

Elon Musk continually tweeted the apples and finally said Apple had to get the Twitter out of his Apple store.

What people walk on Tesla Pi phone

People who wait on Tesla PA are exclusive to compare other Android or I mobile.

Elon Musk is a future thinker, every car company invented only one car, but made an electric car.

Now you have many huge ideas on your smartphone to combine future technologies, and these are just filtered details that Tesla Mobile Officer doesn't confirm.

This Tesla smartphone is directly connected to Sterlink.

What satellites around the earth and satellites are connected to our Mobile Tesla so we can use the internet at any time.

This idea helps mainly to travelers and adventure peoples who, with great distance, are individual bicycle corridors, world tourist villages, mobile bloggers, all people need this internet specification in forests and without signs.

Completely solar electric charge power with background compilation is an option with several colors.

We have already explained via Link Neuro, so that neuron link technology is connected to this Mobile Tesla and fully acts to Tesla Mobile as an assistant.

The great status, this phone can be used on Mars.

Most people in the United States. Elon Tweet Apple takes feeds and 30% of opinions in all applications, but are not interested in freedom of expression.

After all, Elon Musk finally makes the decision to start a new phone


Tesla officially announced a specific telephone name. Tesla Telephone PI/P is just a rumor, but it turns out that Musk offers this mobile phone with quality design at an affordable price.

Properties en Tesla Mobile:

Sentry Way:

This function connects your cell phone to your Tesla car so that you reduce the accident rate.

PI screen and storage space

The PI Tesla Mobile Screen is a 6.67 -inch sombarded screen -Super with 4K resolution with gorilla gorilla gorilla.Smartphone Qualcomm Snapdragon.5G TechnologyCom 2 SIM Cards.gsm, 3G, HSPA+.

Tesla Model Pi phone details are stolen:

DATE NON CONFIRMED: December 21, 2022

Rot von soporte; 2G, 3G, 4G y 5g podridão.

Speed:HSPA 42.2/5,76 Mbit/s,

Extra: LTE-A, 5G, EV-DO Rev.A 3,1 Mbit / s

Colors: Black etc.

GPRS: Yes Available

Schutz: Corning Gorilla Glass

Size: 6.7 inches

Update Speed: 120 Hz

Relationship:19.5 Proportion: 9

Mulitouch: Available

Weight: 240 g

SE -Card: We'll get

Pixel density: 458 ppi

Resolution: 1284 × 2778 pixels

Recursos: HDR10, Dolby Vision

1000 nits (Typ)

1600 nits (pico)

The official date will not be confirmed, perhaps next year 2023 or 2024 officially announced by Tesla.che People the name of Mobile Name Tesla Mobile Pi Model.

AfterElon brought the twitterThe number of trailers usually rose to 120 million people after Tesla's owner for the next update.

What is the statistical link project?

Basically, Musk has several level companies that belong to Tesla, Starlink, Space X etc.

Many reporters have suggested. The Tesla smartphone also wants to work in space.

Tesla is the leading car and car production company compared to Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Neuralink Project:

Neuralk technology is another project that belongs. Vision is a small chip associated with human brain and controls human memory and thoughts. It is in the development phase, all control in our brain, including mouse, phone, automotive controlthat our limit is brain with chip technology.

Tesla Model 3 Update: Tesla Pi Phone before -request available in Canada

The first update is Tesla Mobile Bluetooth, which is connected to Tesla cars, and the vehicle controls the remote control and cell phone. Additional remote control in model X and S. climate control model and location monitoring modelOf the vehicle, Valet mode is the last mobile update.

  • Fruk and Trunk are the ability to open the front trunk of model 3
  • Final Updates at Tesla Model 3
  • Use the smartphone on the model 3 button
  • Tequila temperature makes the temperature of the tequila via heat or cooling model 3

You have a remote start option on model 3

Check the park and automatically

The notifications verified by the door door have been completed or interrupted.

Final thoughts:

Tesla Pi Telefon Pedret

If the Tesla phone tries to defeat Apple, it is not possible in one day .Lon has already reached many things in technology.Smartphone TeslaBased on the Twitter lock on your phone, Apple tries a completely different idea.

Tesla Pone Pone Pedret Rred available in Canada

Also, not everyone is ready to buy this phone, as a few thousand millions have a plan to show that these phones are urgently from crazy phones. People always have different thoughts about new projects, so we see what Tesla will happen in future.

What do you think of the details about Tesla Model Pi Telephone in US?

If Elon announces the new cell phone, you bought it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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