OCCURRED! Elon Musk OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES the release date of the Tesla Phone Model Pi! (2023)

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Sending or exchanging your cryptocurrencies or anything else you do on your phone will never consume power or if your smartphone doesn't need to be charged, it's optional what device you're using. It can allow you to change your skin or color.

His priority is the fantasy that he might have the opportunity to travel there.Red planet and take a pictureWith your smartphone that you can easily share with your friends, this fantasy certainly doesn't sound too good, but will it be a reality soon?

The Tesla Model Pi is about to change the entire smartphone industry like Tesla cars, and Tesla employees recently reported that the phone will be released soon. Smartphones have evolved from the ringer to 5G, so the phone has come a long way. Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention in 1876.

By 2021, the total global production of 5G smartphones is estimated at 500 million. The 5G market share is projected to grow to 37 million by 2021, and the top 7 global phone makers Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Alpo, Vevo, Huawei and Tranzion together will account for around 80% of the total share of the global phone market. .

While this market could be interrupted by an affordable satellite phone that will cater to the entire market, there were some rumors about Tesla trying to make a 1:48 smartphone in September of this year, but it seems to be fully confirmed. American electric vehicle maker Tesla will release a Model Pi phone later this year, or maybe even next year.

While it's unclear when this technology will be available, the Kickstarter-backed technology is a credit card-sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or television and uses a standard keyboard and mouse to operate it. However, the model is considered a first for the Pi.

The device features Neuralink's brain-phone interface, and Musk's company is developing an ultra-high-bandwidth brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers. In fact, not only is this an incredible advancement, but it also brings us to the point where we can talk without a computer. even a word, you just need to have a thought in your head.

He will take care of all your tasks and it's already leaked that theTesla Modelo PiIt has the same four cameras as other smartphones, but a satellite phone is expected to have the same camera as a true professional DSLR camera. that you will be able to capture a real and clear image of the sky on the red planet, as well as from the camera.

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Oh, and that's all. It also has a solar charging system and allows you to use the phone without having to connect it to the charger to charge it while standing and walking in the sun, and the smartphone can be wirelessly charged. Go ahead, act like a chameleon, no we're not kidding.

Phone may change color or skin in future theme. In addition, the Pi model phone can be connected to a satellite style, and the Pi phone is obviously a satellite. The phone needs to be locked to a satellite, but the biggest problem is that you can query the satellite with multiple commands at once via a Starlink antenna.

What is taken out of the smartphone box must also ensure a high-speed connection with the smartphone. Internet from Anywhere Since low earth orbit satellites have low latency, they can offer reasonable upload and download speeds of 200 megabits per second, but this would be one of the more interesting peaks.

Since the team is proprietary, no land connection is required; so by definition the phone can work on Mars 2 and keep in touch with Earthlings, although Starlink is one of the most likely to make that possible. .

Elon Musk's big pet projects fit perfectly into the next generation of smartphones, and Tesla is undoubtedly closely associated with SpaceX, a personal satellite launcher designed to get people to the surface of Mars. It has the ambition that we all know Starlink intends to build.

The Laurabit satellite network eventually sends over 40,000 satellites into low Earth orbits to facilitate internet access anywhere, but as of this writing, it has reached over 500,000 customers, causing losses whenever Tesla operates. when Python is released. This is generally expected.

Space industry trackers believe that there are currently over 1,600 stellar satellites in orbit, representing the largest artificial constellation of its kind, and that the number will continue to increase over time as reusable rockets will make launching even easier and cheap. Over time, it seems that making a smartphone is just as challenging asTesla Space Science.

As a technological innovator, he is also closely associated with SpaceX, one of the world's leading space companies and one of the first to use reusable vertical landing rockets and naval drones. While the Tesla Model Pi smartphone wasn't the first satellite phone, there are other satellite phones like the Toria and Iridium that connect directly to satellites.

While this is the first satellite phone that Starlink can use with SpaceX, communication satellites are being built that should further extend the Internet's reach. Elon Musk claims that the phone is also the most remote place on Earth thanks to high-speed communication satellites and will allow cryptocurrency mining for Martian coins.

Cryptocurrency and government currency, behind which colonists on Mars need most coins for mining, you can use with satellite link mine because you can have more impact with Tesla Model Pi and use your phone for another.

Pos and paw cryptocurrencies that do not consume much energy In addition, you can use without the need for multiple accounts, just take your preferred cryptocurrency, Tesla Pi model smartphone is expected to come with 4k quality screen with four cameras comes with cluster , including a 108.

A Snapdragon 898 SoC with a dual-LED flash megapixel camera and two terabytes of storage, although we'll focus on the privacy feature in the next sentence, some form of biometrics, which is an obvious replacement for Tesla phones, will certainly help you out. will increase security.

The company could use the smart cameras it's developing for Tesla's self-driving cars to create a facial identification system that will optionally work with the system, although fingerprint unlocking is also an option and ADR is an option in the concept. ultrasonic sensor.

Integrated into the touchscreen, the ADR itself was a direct replica of the front lens system featured in early concept art for the iPhone 12 PT. As an example, let's take a look at the iPhone 12 when this phone was released. , had three lenses for the rear camera, and it's hard to imagine what a Tesla phone would be capable of.

It is often said that the cameras are an attempt to make a new model stand out from the crowd, but Tesla may have other plans, but there is no doubt that Tesla vehicles will be featured on Tesla phones. . Installations that can be carried out without problems.

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