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The next television series, The Blacklist 9, is produced by NBC., Hulu and other transmissions. Although several series have been canceled in recent months, the blacklist was not among them.

The Criminal Drama of the NBC, which is now in the ninth season in the United States. Before starting, you must understand that we simply offer formal recommendations. Inclusion you cannot expect the correct video quality of the third -party programs that frequentlyThey overthrow during their programs. Legal options to see new episodes of the blacklist are quite a lot, and some even offer a free rating. There is no benefit to address dark flows unless it is essential. This article contains all the necessary information.

Then you can see the ninth season 9 on the blacklist online in the United Kingdom through VPN

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Where can you see season 9 of the blacklist without cable?

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Don't you want to pay an expensive cable plan to see new episodes in the blacklist? Don't worry. Now there are many transmission options with which access to NBC enables and you can see the online program for a variety of prices.Facilitate things, we have selected some of our favorites below.

  • Hulu with Live -TV - 64.99 USD per month - in addition to NBC, the firm offers original Hulu and is compatible with a variety of transmission devices.
  • Sling TV - $ 35 per month - You must register for the blue Sling Blue Blue package from Sling TV to access DVR of the cloud. You can watch it on three screen at the same time and record live TV.
  • YouTube TV - $ 65 per month - YouTube TV offers access to NBC and more than 70 TV networks, and you can try it for 14 days.
  • AT&T TV Now -$ 69.99 per month -the TV TV entertainment pack now includes access to NBC and 45 live television channels. You can also use your DVR in the cloud to record a schedule of up to 20 hours.
  • Fubotv is available for $ 64.99 per month.NBC and more than 80 stations are available in Fubotv. A free 7 -day rating is included in the service so you can try it yourself.

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What else can I see in NBC?

  • A voice 23
  • Great crew
  • In black tanks
  • Monday 2nd for America in them
  • Nighttime dish

The trailer of season 9 on the blacklist

The official advance of the Blacklist Season 9 series is not yet available. We will be published soon.

The date of appearance of the 9 of the blacklist

The blacklist has been released in NBC since the first season and continues throughout the ninth season. If you can hardly wait to pick them up, the new episodes will be broadcast on February 25, 2022, quintas -nbc. The crime thriller arrives onlineJust one day laterNBC transmissive platform peacock

The occupation of the 9 of the blacklist

  • James Spader como Raymond "Red" Reddington
  • Diego Klattenhoff Como Donald Ressler
  • Amir arison fee
  • Laura son like Alina Park
  • Schein tablefiq como dembe zuma
  • Harry Lennix como Harold Cooper

So you can see season 9 on the blacklist in Peacock

Subscribe aPeacockAccountAnd you can reach the new episodes of the ninth season of the blacklist without separating the money. In the accessible version of Peacock, you must wait eight days after the television publication date until the consequences may appear online.

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When and where can you see the blacklist?

On February 25, the NBC will debut the ninth season of the blacklist. It is not transmitted episodes of the blacklist weekly, and if the previous seasons are an indicator, the episodes of season 9 22 will be contained.

frequent questions

Why Reddington Elizabeth called Lizzy?

During the third season he described her. She asked him not to call him (without success). At the end of the third season, he became firmer with him.

Will Liz and Rersler take a risk?

Donald Ressler and Elizabeth Keen have been partners since the first season, and Ressler always had a weakness for Liz.liz, which Tom preferred through racial, the ressler injured, who still did not have much success..Liz com comssler did not have much success.In the eighth season.

Is Katarina Faceva a reliable source of information?

Katarina Faceva is the mother, the cathedral and the childhood friend of Illya Koslov de Liz, but no one seems to trust her so far. Raymond Redington, her former friend, is in disagreements with her and seem more interested in murder to another person.
We need Katarina to be a woman and a powerful mother who would create an alliance with red and probably solve numerous problems. However, the person we know so far seems to be a friend who expected or simply another blacklist.

What brought the life of Reddington and Liz?

Elizabeth lived a carefree existence until Reddington appeared at the FBI headquarters and requested it.Then he is red to protect himself, is he worried about Elizabeth? Why did he enter Elizabeth's life if he is not his father and his father and not his father and she doesn't like Katarina? Finally, while he left,She felt safer and more happy.

The force -will it expose Reddington?

Harold Cooper and Donald Ressler are excellent agents who have dominated the art of the police and leadership so far. Cooper Tolera Reddington, because he believes that criminals help him understand a more important threat to society than the network itself.
However, the Blacklisters of Red have become less uncomfortable in the season, and in the seventh season he barely sent the force.


In summary, you can say the series of the same genre. With its surrounding characters and stories, this program is worth its time and attention!

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