Elon Musk's Tesla Phone Model Pi will be available in stores soon (2023)

Elon Musk'STesla-PhoneThe Pi model will be available for sale soon:- July 15, 2022 will be historic. On November 15, 2021, Elon Musk shook the entire world by presenting another futuristic device through his Tesla company.

this howeverTempo, the creation is not some strange-looking self-driving car or truck, but something the tech giants are said to dropGarbageand Samsung in the past.


Tesla WILL DESTROY the smartphone market!

Elon Musk has earned a reputation for outperforming the competition in every industry he ventures into, be it the space industry.spacex, or the electric car industry with Tesla, his record of achievement in the industry speaks volumes.

And now it wants to do the same for the smartphone industry, announcing that Tesla will be working on its own smartphone called the "Pi." The announcement left Musk's supporters and critics in the dark.

Tesla has a reputation for revolutionizing products, and one can only begin to wonder how Musk and his team will disrupt the smartphone industry, which is by far the most used device in the world.

In addition to his main priorities of building vehicles for the streets and space, Elon Musk has always been interested in the world of gadgets, and he applies the same philosophy to this field as he did with his INSANE vehicles, which would attract buyers to a product. convincing that it would spread. .

tesla is crazy

Anyone who has laid eyes on Tesla will know that it is EASILY the most futuristic company in the world.

With its advances in driverless cars, the rise and subsequent dominance ofTechnologyby Tesla conveys the state of mind we have reached in the eraArtificial intelligence, which can be attributed to Musk's innovation and commitment to creating products that are way ahead of their time.

Elon Musk also places a lot of emphasis on creating products that are so good that they naturally attract buyers rather than promoting an inferior product. For example, himTesla CybertruckPolarized in looks, it's cutting edge in performance and features.

Musk introduced the CyberTruck on stage, emphasizing what Tesla is all about. Elon Musk immediately addressed the CyberTruck's unique appearance and then went on to talk about how the monster was built.

Pi WILL CONQUER the iPhone

In terms of specs, the Pi Phone will be immediately comparable to Apple's latest iPhone, with WARS starting on the internet over which phone is better even before the Tesla Phone is revealed.

In the United States in particular, Apple has a firm grip on the smartphone industry, and to compete with Apple, Tesla's phone must at least match the iPhone for people to switch. Tesla also claimed that the Pi will be the best gaming phone ever made.

Mobile gaming is an industry that hasn't taken off yet, and Elon Musk and Tesla are trying to capture that market by creating a monster that can push the boundaries of gaming on your phone.

Gorebecame BONKERS after Musk's announcement. Elon Musk has already said that he encourages competition with Appleelectric vehicleindustry, so we can be sure that you will have the same attitude when it comes to phones.

Tesla phones can be connected to cars!

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of the Tesla phone, and possibly the feature that will convince most people to switch to the Pi, is that it is an extension of the Tesla vehicle you own and even allows you to WIRELESSLY charge your phone. SITTING IN his Tesla. This is crazy!

Takes charging your phone in the car to the next level. Current wireless charging is at a decent level, but it does have its complaints. However, we can be sure that the next step will be a breakthrough because everyone has seen that it is never a good idea to doubt Elon Musk because he almost always meets and exceeds expectations.

The Tesla Phone and MIND CONTROL

Elon Musk has long shown his trust in them.NeuraLinkNombreSystem. NeuraLink consists of installing a chip in the brain that allows them to connect with the world.

While this sounds TERRIBLE at first, it opens up a HUGE avenue of opportunity in the world of technology. The Tesla phone is powered by NeuraLink technology, which is helpful for people with injuries that affect their daily activities.

Suggestions were made that this phone wouldn't even need your hands, since you could control the phone using the Neuralink chip in your brain. This all sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The idea of ​​using a device just to think is EXTENSIVE! And it's not just the phone. People will be able to control their Tesla car using the NeuraLink chip. So people not only have to drive the vehicle, they can drive it without moving a muscle.

While people are reluctant to let a chip and wires drill into their skulls, and while Elon Musk has been criticized for his NeuraLink idea, he seems convinced it's the way to go if we embrace the future. And the possibilities when NeuraLink is combined with the Tesla phone are ENDLESS.

For example, people will be able to communicate with each other without blinking. With Neuralink, people can send messages and make calls from their phone without having to touch it. Convenience would be out of the question.

The phone could also transmit messages to the NeuraLink chip, meaning if someone forgets their phone, they'll still be able to make calls and exchange messages just as they would be seen through their eyes and projected.

It's really a wonder we're even talking about this being a serious possibility. We can't wait to see what the eccentric billionaire has in store for us. He spoke with great pride and knowledge about NeuraLink during his presentation, so it will be exciting to see the Tesla phone connection.

The Tesla factory is from the FUTURE

If you're wondering how it's possible to build these crazy products, just take a look inside the Tesla factory. This is where the Tesla phone is built, so we can already expect great things from the phone judging by the factory appearance.

Elon Musk himself says that he spends 90% of his Tesla time in the factory and, unsurprisingly, knows the factory like the back of his hand and talks about it like an excited kid, which really confirms that Tesla is a great project. him. .

The factory is home to some of the best engineers in the world and is perhaps the most attractive destination for an aspiring engineer after graduation. The factory is very futuristic, as you would expect. It is densely populated and operated by machines.

Overall it seems like a fun place to get lost as every corner has something new to offer. The combination of Tesla's brilliant minds and remarkable factory facilities could help us determine that the phone created here will be a DOOZY.

BRILLIANT pee design

Attention to detail is one of Tesla and Elon Musk's greatest strengths, and everything only comes to market when it's perfect. Whether it's a car, truck or boat, Elon Musk doesn't stop until he completes his vision.

He does whatever it takes to achieve his vision, and Pi follows that philosophy with a completely futuristic design. It also has a ton of unique features like NeuraLink, as well as another coveted feature that phones haven't caught up with yet, which is the ability to connect to satellites.

Imagine holding a device in your hand that is connected to something in the EXOSPHERE of Earth. Chances are high that Tesla's phone will be the first, and even more likely the best.

Elon Musk also confirmed that the phone will have optional 1 TERABYTE storage, which is crazy since most people have phones from 64 to 128 gigabytes. That amount of storage is out of this world and is one of the most useful features the phone will ever have.

The processor used originally is rumored to be intended for Tesla cars, so it's sure to pack plenty of power. Another attractive feature is the loading speed. Modern phones have really improved their charging speeds, but have you ever thought how convenient it would be if your phone charged to 100% in less than TEN minutes?

This would avoid so many problems that you would have to go through on a daily basis. Plus, all of this can be done without using a single cable, since the Pi charges wirelessly.

The phone is also rumored to be completely waterproof, unlike any other phone the world has seen, which means you're likely to see Olympic swimmers charging their phones during events. Jokes aside, the phone will have 4 impressive cameras, each with different strengths. This phone will be like nothing we've ever seen!

Pi will have a SOLAR PANEL

If you thought the loading speed was crazy, wait until you find out. You can charge your Tesla phone through SUN. That's right, you heard it right: the SUN.

Tesla has already tested a prototype iPhone powered by a solar panel, but since it was a prototype, it turned out to be very expensive, costing up to $6,000.

The phone was extremely luxurious and only the richest 1% could afford it. But Elon Musk, as he promised with hismartesProject says that Tesla is working to offer the new phone, along with the solar panel, at an affordable price. This left people shaking with excitement because the idea of ​​charging your device just standing outside seems too good to be true.

It is rumored that the phone can be charged up to 20% in just half an hour under the sun. This feature is perhaps the most attractive to survivors who like to spend time in nature.

Pi will have FREE Internet Pi is confirmed to have the ability to connect to satellites, includingstar link, the SpaceX satellite that aims to provide satellite internet worldwide. Elon Musk confirmed that 1,500 of these satellites with a total power of 5 MW have already been launched.

That bodes well for Starlink's plans to reach every corner of the world for free. And since the Tesla phone will be able to connect to these satellites, that would mean free internet for phone users, possibly the biggest game changer in the smartphone industry.


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