35 of the best family films for children that everyone can see together (2023)

There is nothing better than staying with the family after a long week, preferably with aHe was.This friends of films with children who are broadcast offer excellent options for the night of cinema.

Ideally, family films are those who like children equally, and we live in a golden age. "Charm", a new Pixar movie, showed that family films are part of the cultural conversation. "We don't talk about Bruno"A movie song has become a real sensation.

With that in mind, we have selected some family films that from classics to contemporary intervals and Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and beyond the transmission with comedies that you will make you laugh and musicals that you will sing.

Next you will find a list of films that can create families with young children, pre -adolescents, adolescents and many more family memories.

'E.T.The Extra Terrestrial '(1982)

"E.T." It is about administering his universe: and it is also extraterrestrial. This classic classic Steven Spielberg follows what happens when a child (Henry Thomas) discovers a friendly alien and tries to do it with him helps find his way home.

"The Greatest Showman" (2017)

"The Greatest Showman" ideal for families with older children and is an irresistible musical with Hugh Jackman, who even the director of Circus P.t.barnum. Musical assumes his freedom with the history of the life of Barnum, but with the music of the Duo BenjPasek and Justin Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, is probably more fun for the editorial team.

'Paddington' (2014)

Paddington, the bear, the classic figure of children's literature, was revived for a new generation through these lovely films with almost all famous English actors. As possible, they can even be more than the first.

'The Goonies' (1985)

"The Goonies" was a classic film for children for a generation and is still considering an old pirate card in an attic, leads to a real treasure. This movie will have children looking for magic in their own lives.

'Luca' (2021)

Journey in this Pixar movie to the coast of Italy through a teenage monster -monster that explores the country and discovers that there is much to love (including ice cream).

"Return in red" (2022)

"Save for"A conversation between activated parentsWhen it was in 2022 in Disney+ Premiere, intrepid enthusiasm, intensive feelings and friendship forever.

'Sing' (2016)

This animated film is in a world where anthropomorphic animals live next to each other and follow a particularly talented group.."2", in 2022, is also full of music (and can even be both's favorite).

"We are already there" (2005)

Suzanne Kingstans (NIA Long) Two children are determined to prevent them from finding a romantic connection. And although Nick (Ice Cube) has a fall of Suzanne, she is not interested in raising anyone's children.Nick offers Suzanne and her children theTrip to the airport, but she runs from Oregon to Canada. The trip is long, not only in miles, but also teaches all some lessons. This family comedy has a "We Still" (2007), it is worth seeing below.

'Lovely' (2021)

The Madrigal family, the family in the center of this Pixar train, fascinated the audience with its strength of strength, its enchanted magic and its original songs by Lin-Manuel.In the end he spoke of BrunoThanks to this movie.

"Cheapst of the dozen" (2003)

"Cheap by The Dozen" shows Steve Martin and Kate Baker as parents who have put their career and dreams in the roasted burner to raise 12 unstable children.The remake 2022 with Gabrielle Union and Zach BRAFF gives the classic movie a new era era.

'Ice Age' (2002)

For parents who can handle animals to speak (and we know that some simply cannot) is the "ice age" for them. In cinema, animals combine animals to survive in an environment of change.Four films series, which, despite the name, is nothing, if not hot.

'The Parent Trap' (1998)

Imagine Hallie and Annie's surprise when she discovers that she is twin in the summer camp. In parents, as you can see, you share as children. At the end of summer, the twins go home with unknown parents, to answer your questionsand unite his family. This classic star Lindsey Lohan than the two twins.

'Holeros' (2003)

"Holes" has a dark premise, but children will still like movies in the movie. The film takes place in a brutal training field where teenagers are sent "equip." His business days are, but there are some .. . dig.

'Finding Nemo' (2003)

"Finding Nemo" can cause tears before laughing, and this is thanks to the sad opening scene. In this classic Pixar movie, a dwarf fish called Marlin loses his wife tragically in an accident in which all his non -incorrect babiesThey have been destroyed, except a nemo.wenn Nemo, Marlin has to put his trends and venture into the ocean.

'Matilda' (1996)

Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson) is a genius, but almost no one seems to recognize that. The only bright points in your life are your dear books and your teacher, Miss.They surprise their family and delight the rest of us.

'Honey, I shrunk the children (1989)

This comedy of the classical family is an adventure ceremony. A scientist (Rick Manis) accidentally shrinks his four children with a shrink, which believed he did not work. The garbage can return home in the patio, while now fightingagainst Dangerische sprinklers and ants's seals.

'Lion King' (1994)

Sing in this adult classic when Simba repeats who he is after the tragic loss of his father Mufasa and learns to inherit his firstborn right.

"Queen of Katwe" (2016)

Uganda is a 10 -year -old children's prodigy (played by the late Nikita Pearl Waligwa) of the marginal neighborhoods of Kampala and takes the opportunity to escape the lifestyle. Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo play in this family drama, based on theTrue story of the story of Phiona Mute.

"Home Alone" (1990)

While his family is preparing for Christmas holidays in Paris, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is left behind. During him alone at home, the title, Kevin tries to overcome the two criminals who try to look at his family's house. InitiallyHe was criticized for his mischief, but ends up saving the day.

'Inside Out' (2015)

Feel everything feeling through this pixar movie that changes between the perspective of a girl,miThe views of the five main feelings in your brain.

'The Incredibles' (2004)

If you do not adapt and save the world, the family in "The Incredibles" lava the clothes and task. They arefastNormal, but as soon as they were hired to dismantle the bad guys. In this classic film and their sequence, the favorite family of the United States can be seen.

"Johnson's family vacation" (2004)

This travel movie plays Cedric, artist Vanessa Williams, Bow Wow, from Knowles and Steve Harvey as alienated relatives who go to Missouri on a California trip to see again.

'Frau.doubtfire' (1993)

In one of his most constant roles, the late Robin Williams Daniel Hillard, a father, who makes great efforts in the midst of a divorce to have more time with his children.His career can remain and his ex -wife is committed and does not know who is really behind this prosthesis. As Mrs. Doubtfire, he learns what is really happening to his family and how he can solve it.Show Da Broadway.

'Moana' (2016)

Moana (Auli'i Cravalho) is a princess of a Pacific island that nobody leaves, but she wants. The bold adolescent hopes to save her community sailing and making a regular mission. This movie, which summarizes Dwyane Johnson as a half -width, talk to Dwyane Johnson Ausstars,You will say: ""

'Shrek' (2001)

Trip in Shreks Swamp, in fact, not after the second thought, preferably no.This Oger Scottish, which was expressed by Mike Meyers, hates visitors in their country. In change, they follow how Shrek fell in love with Princess Fiona (CameronDíaz).

'Ramona e Beezus' (2010)

Joey King and Selena Gomez play as sisters (and total opposites) who try to save their family at home.a day with all Ramona's tricks while trying to secure his home in his family. The films are based on a series of books for children fromBeverly Cleary.

"Bridge to Terabithia" (2007)

In this classical adaptation of the book, two teenagers (Annasophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson) create an imaginary world in which magical creatures live. Young adults find freedom and permission in this world, a strong contrast with their life at home. "BridgeTo Terabithia "has a endless ending has been warned.

"The Adventures of Sharkboy E Lavagirl" (2005)

What can a lonely child do? Of course you create an imaginary world full of superheroes. In this movie, a child will be attracted to the world with a hyperactive imagination that could be more real when it is originally believed.

"Por Cause of Winn-Dixie" (2005)

Families with pets will be appreciated "due to Winn-Dixie," the story of Opal Buloni (Annasophia Robb), a 10-year-old girl who finds a Camagraland, as a result, her relationship of Winn-Dixie and new friends of the community helpsOpal to deal with the mother who left and contact her preacher father with whom she suddenly meets.

'Up' (2009)

As "UP" celebrates friendships between generations, it is a great option for grandparents to see their grandchildren. To make dreams of flying on the globe for a view in South America. For his surprise, a child named Russell (Jordan Nagai) and his dog in the house when he canceled and disturbs his plans for a lonely and contemplative trip.

'The Lorax' (2012)

The 12 -year -old TED (Zac Efron) is on a mission: he wants to win his passion, Audrey (Taylor Swift), and loves the truffles of the trees. By lumping his efforts to find a tree, he took it closer to an explanation ofWhy all plants disappeared.

'Spy Kids' (2001)

Carmen (Alexa Penavega) and June (Daryl Sabara) are inserted into the life of parents full of parents. The four "Spy Kids" films are a mixture of "James Bond" and children.

'The Princess Bride' (1987)

As you want, with its mixture of adventure, comedy and romanticism, "The Princess Bride" probably all in the family. The base in William Goldman's novel, "The Princess Bride", is separated from a king, but the secondary characters fromInigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) to Vizzini (Wallace Shawn), especially the parody movie, is a classic movie.

'Horton listens to Who' (2008)

Jim Carrey touched the smile in a Dr. Daptation of Suass; here he plays an animated elephant called Horton, who strangely listens to noises that come from a small place of dust. It is convenient to others what he listens is real.

"Fight against my family" (2019)

Perfect to see with teenagers and "fighting my family" is the story of an English family who lives and breathes the fight, and what happens when two of the children are invited to be part of the WWE.

Despicable Me (2010)

Gru (Steve Carrell) is a proud super villain and for a good reason, it is good. However, if you receive the custody of three orphan sisters, you will have to obtain a completely new skill. "I have a universe of movies, including me, includingThe continuation and films based on the figures on the side of the lackeys.

"The princess and the frog" (2009)

"The Princess and the Frog" uses the classic Disney animation style for a new story. In this story of New Orleans, Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) kisses a frog and becomes one. Then she thinks.

'The Sandlot' (1993)

"The Sandlot" captures the feeling of childhood, especially for the children of the 90s who have grown up repeatedly. In the 1960s, the film of a group of children who love baseball remains in the course of a decisive summer.

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